Its a well-know deal that a lot of writers (Blizz…) love to break women for drama, but never really like to unbreak them or build them back up like they do with male characters. Its not just the whole problem of women being triumphant is considered not interesting, but also the gross and stomach turning notion that a broken woman is somehow beautiful. We consider a pretty girl’s tears to be poetic, considering how many songs are written about them. Her helplessness and dysfunctionality is precious.

And as we know, beauty is paramount to women’s existence. By being broken, she is beautiful, and unbreaking makes her not so. Triumph makes women ugly. It makes them less palatable. So what I guess Im saying here is more ugly women, please.

Also men are broken down and built back up for their own stories, where they overcome their own hubris or youth or mistakes and become stronger and better heroes, while women are broken down often for men’s stories.  They have to fall so men can help them get back up, so they learn to trust a man, or love a man, or learn that they don’t need to scorn men’s help, and their story then becomes about the man in their life, and how they needed to learn how to lean on him, or needed him to heal them.